German Wirehaired Pointer Rescue

German Wirehaired Pointer Rescue
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German Wirehaired Pointer Rescue

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German Wirehaired Pointer Rescue Information: The German Wirehaired Pointer is a medium to large gun dog with a dense coat. Wirehaired Pointers have boundless energy and are best taken on as working dogs in the country. Wirehaired Pointers are smart and loving companions for active families. This breed is good with mature children. Wirehaired Pointers typically get along with other pets, but some may have dominance issues. Wirehaired Pointers are great watchdogs.

German Wirehaired Pointer Trivia: Wirehaired Pointers have been bred to be able to hunt on varied German terrain. Wirehaired Pointers are bred for their thick protective coat, which enables them to hunt among bramble bushes and in other difficult brush. Wirehaired Pointers can retrieve waterfowl. Wirehaired Pointers are exceptionally versatile hunting dogs. Wirehaired Pointers are related to Wirehaired Griffons.